About Us

Who We Are

Pure & Simple began as our dream to provide you with fresh, nutritious food — as well as teaching you more about living a naturally healthy life. What began as a small café and consultancy three years ago is now a thriving staple of downtown Greencastle. 

What We Do

One of our greatest passions is bringing you fresh, nutritious food to help you on your way to health and strength. We use as many natural, local, organic ingredients as we can to give you a fresh, healthy meal that will satisfy you in a way processed food just can’t. 

Why We Do It

In our culture, “health” can be synoninmous with “unappetizing” and “unattainable.” But we know better. We want to spread the word, the delicious food, and the hope that everyone who walks through our doors can walk out a little healthier…and happier. 

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